Want to Be a Part of Our Mystical Market?

We are looking for creative artisans, food vendors, and will allow a limited amount of resale vendors as well. Here are some things that we find important in our vendors:

·                                 You understand that, at our Market, it is very important to adopt a “character” role that will engage customers in a friendly manner and offer our guests a unique and delightful shopping experience. Keep in mind that encountering a pushy sales person is never enjoyable, so it’s important that you are able to show off your goods without overwhelming our guests.

·                                 We want most of our vendors to have experience in sales and having sold at Ren Faires before. However, we also love to promote new vendors and those looking to break into the Ren Faire circuit. If you are a brand new vendor (selling at a Ren Faire is a relatively new experience), please make note of that on your application so we can help you through this new process.

·                                  Hard work, patience, creativity, and care are important values to us, so we love to promote artisans and crafters whose wares are mostly handcrafted.

·                                 We also love to promote the local economy around our faire, so it is a bonus if you are local to Western Mass or the New England area.

·                                 Having a Facebook Page is helpful to promote yourself and let your followers know that you will be at the Mass Ren Faire. The more people who know about the Faire, the better potential for sales will be!

·                                 It is our policy to be respectful and helpful to everyone who takes part in our faire, and we expect the same from you. We are looking for team players who are able and willing to follow rules and who want to work in a positive environment to ensure their success as well as the success of the Faire.

You can request a printable version of our vendor application by emailing vendorinfo@massrenfaire.com.

PLEASE NOTE that you should not send in any money with the vendor application- this is for screening purposes only. A welcome packet with rules, signature line, deposit info, insurance info, etc. will be sent at a different date.

You can sign up for our vendor mailing list for updates and information about the Faire as it draws closer!