Food and Drinks

We’ll have plenty of delicious food and drinks available from these tasty vendors!

The Red Dragon Tavern and Dining Room: Come slake your thirst with one of the ice cold beverages from the Red Dragon Tavern! Say hello to our handsome bartender, Themio, and his friendly bar staff at the Beer Barn where we’ll be serving beer, wine, and cider on both days. You can also head to the Red Dragon Snack Bar and Dining Room to get ice cold bottled water, soda, and Gatorade, delicious smoked Turkey Legs, and other tasty morsels.


The Chuck Wagon:  Looking for a wide variety of foods? The Chuck Wagon has you covered! From Mac ‘n’ Cheese Egg Rolls to Fried Cheescake, Chicken Nuggets, and Pickled Eggs, and much more, you can find something here to satisfy your nom needs. You’ll also be able to get an ice-cold pick-me-up with their Death Wish Coffee!


Cliff’s Smokin’ BBQ- And here to satisfy your medieval meat dreams is the delicious smokiness of Cliff’s BBQ! Here you’ll find Mutton, Beef Brisket, their signature “Moink Balls” (meatballs wrapped in bacon!), Pulled Pork, and plenty of delicious sides. Top it off with freshly-squeezed lemonade and you’ll be full in no time!



Nomad Chefs: Wandering into our faire this year is the Nomad Chefs with their entirely Gluten-Free menu! The Nomad Chefs are a mobile, multi faceted catering company with ties to southern Vermont and Massachusetts. They specialize in small dinner parties and gatherings, offering a variety of tasting menus, and homemade comfort foods. At our faire, you can enjoy Nachos and Tacos with varied, mouth-watering toppings or grab a Butterscotch Rice Krispy treat smothered in Nutella and top it off with a cup of Summer Fruit Punch! Wander on over and see what they’ve got!



K & L’s Brickoven Bistro: Pizza is popular- even in the Realm of the Fae and this Bistro knows how to do it! Choose from a menu of toppings to go on your pizza and watch as they bake it in a real brick oven! 



Yummmm Roasted Almonds: These folks are nuts! Stop by their booth to grab some delicious nuts as well as salty-sweet kettlecorn and maybe even indulge in some cotton candy!