Here are the vendors we had at our Faire for 2017! 

Henna Inspired does freehand drawn all-natural henna body art and sells various items decorated with henna-style designs.  You can find Henna Inspired online at their website (linked above) and on Facebook at


Emazanti Creations– A welcome veteran of the Market of the Moons, Emazanti Creations boasts gorgeous custom costuming and sparkling accessories for all your medieval wants and needs.


The Dancer’s Closet– Trade Route Tribal Dance presents a mixture of unique jewelry from all sorts of different places as well as items from the dancer’s closets that are sure to accent your own costuming or garb! Make sure to check them out both on stage and at their booth!


Cloak & Crown Is a fairy tale inspired costume shop. All items are handmade and available in a variety of sizes for everyone from bodices tops to capes. You can also purchase items right now on Etsy at .


Whimsy and Fluff Because you’re never too old for make believe. With fanciful bloomers made from vintage linens and custom made tutus of all lengths and sizes, check out Whimsy and Fluff to find what your inner child has been craving.

The Grinning Dwarf The Grinning Dwarf is committed to selling beautiful, quality leather goods and custom, comfortable costuming. Everything including color, lacing, buckle size and shape can be custom made to fit your style and needs. The Grinning Dwarf is sure to leave you with a smile on your face!




Colchis Forge Driven by passion for history and transcendental expression in art, Colchis Forge creates whimsical and timeless “wire wrap” designs in jewelry, sculpture, wearable art and unique historical and fantasy garb accessories. Utilizing historically available materials, including ceramic components created by our collaborating artists at Oakwood Studios, Colchis Forge has the fine faerie ring or Renaissance necklace to complete your faire-going attire.


Amalgamated Funk & Finery– A home crafter who creates Victorian and Steampunk
inspired jewelry and accessories from a variety of mediums. She also has unique floral and twig crowns for all of the ladies of the realm. You can find them online at

The Mad Mailler – Another veteran of our Market, at the Mad Mailler, you’ll find beautiful and unique chainmail and scale mail pieces and accessories from this talented artisan! You will not want to miss stopping by this tent!

Mystical Inspirations Come to a magical place where you can find acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and other mediums, wood burned wands, boxes, spoons, and more. They also  sell wire wrapped trees, crowns, and jewelry and offer custom work as well. You can find them on Facebook at

The Wild Fay- Welcome to the wilds where Living Jewelry and Eco Art  is handcrafted with sacred intention using sustainably gathered greenery and stones from deep in the forests of Connecticut. You can find her on Facebook at

Photography by DonatelloPhotography by Donatello is a fine art photographer creating unreal photo paintings with professionally photographed subjects and digital artistry. They specialize in Fantasy, Gothic, and Medieval themes. You won’t want to miss seeing his unique works and artful prints! 

Mother Earth Gourds/ Creature’s Nest- We are excited to have Mother Earth Gourds/The Creature’s Nest back with us at this year’s Faire! Stop by and pick up a  beautifully made and decorated gourd instrument to use during our Jam with the Sidhe or in a drum circle later or adopt an adorable Woodbaby or puppet to cling to your shoulder throughout the Market! You can find this lovely lady and her creations at

Fairie Tailor–  New to this year’s Faire, these tailors make a variety of customizable accouterments including hats and capes- some with intricate painted designs and lot of plain- from baby to adults. Included in their wares are pirate jackets that are good for Steampunk, Celtic, Ren wear and Pirate settings as well as pouches (plain and painted), circlets, bandannas (regular size and larger), do-rags, hats of various designs- pirate being the main ones- and they carry historical socks!

Uniquely Jessica– Uniquely Jessica is a business that has been present at the Market of the Moons since we first opened to the public! If you are looking for some incredible prints, beautiful artwork, stunning handmade journals, intricately made crocheted items and a myriad of other things, you will not want to miss stopping at her tent.

Enchanted Creations by Melanie– Looking for that fairy look to prance around the Market in? Enchanted Creations can help you with wings, fairy costumes and accessories for adults and children. Show off your pixie prowess and stop by!

Little Green Dragon– We are proud to announce that this year’s Market is once again being visited by the Little Green Dragon who brings lots of unique items from incense to jewelry, flax seed eye pillows, massage oils, and even sarongs! We are certain that you won’t want to miss stopping by here!

Lord Fafnir & Spawn The Mass Ren Faire would like to welcome this amazing father-daughter psychic team! Both Bruce and Rebecca are qualified psychics and spiritual intuitives who  give accurate psychic readings through a range of mediums. Let them use their gentle powers of psychic gifts to help you and encourage you to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead. If you’re around for Saturday night for “After Hours”, be sure to visit this tent to get a reading of the more bawdy variety !

Contessa Esselia’s Curiosities– The good Contessa has found a calling in the creation of beautiful leather masquerade masks and other one-of-a-kind artisan crafts. You won’t want to leave the Market without first stopping by her tent!

Cornerstone Creations– Tired of the same old lawn gnomes in your yard or garden? Come check out the wonderful and fantastic concrete creations at Cornerstone Creations!

 Cara Finch Art– Artist and illustrator, Cara Finch, is a native of Massachusetts whose work   depicts images that symbolize various social issues including those of gender, race, religion, mental health and politics. Her love of nature is very evident in her work and is often a dominant theme expressing her belief that the spiritual can be connected to through the “great outdoors”. Make sure you stop by her tent for wonderful works of art!


Spellbound LLC– This mother-daughter operation sells a variety of things from wings to crowns to tutu dresses and more! You’ll be mesmerized by the glamour of the Realm of Fae when you stop inside this tent! You can find them on Facebook at


European Treasures- Home of the TerriDragon, made in New England.  You can also find tapestries and Celtic Jewelry at this eclectic tent. Can’t wait ’til the faire? Find them online at


Critically Clean is a personal care company created for those whose tastes run beyond that of simple mass produced bars. “We pride ourselves on making high quality, all natural, products with a distinctly fantasy feel. All of our scents have been designed to invoke fond memories of adventures whether they be of a great tabletop game or from something more live action. Our founder and head chandler is a self-proclaimed grand wizard of nerdery whose motto is, ‘You must lather your party before venturing forth.'”

Silver Moon Studios– Silver Moon studios is a unique place with a selection of unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind artisan gifts.  “Our mission is twofold: to expose our artisans to the largest possible consumer audience, and to be a premier source for handcrafted artisan gifts.”

The Scavenger’s Nest/KitCraft–  We want to welcome you to a unique boutique that features all sorts of different, beautiful items from clothing to decor to whatever else your heart may desire! Kitcraft sells beautiful and durable handmade leather goods for every occasion. Find it all under this one tent!



Just In Tyme– Looking for the perfect boots to accentuate your costume? Do you just want a neat set of footwear you can’t find anywhere else? Well, look no further than this excellent boot vendor! It is their goal to provide affordable boots and shoes for Medieval and Renaissance Faire, Reenactment groups, Steampunk, Cosplay and whatever else you are into! Ditch your old tired costume boots and grab a pair from Just In Tyme! 

Karen’s Crowns and Pillows– Come to Karen’s booth to see a glorious array of beaded Renaissance crowns and stunning pillows- Headware for both day and nighttime wear!


Lady Feyline’s Fantastikal Faces– Want to look great for the Fairy Kings and Queens? Stop by here and let Lady Feyline help you look like a fairy, knight, or whatever else you wish! Lady Feyline is a face painter and actress specializing in children’s parties and renaissance events. She uses only professional face paints and supplies such as Kryolan and Wolfe Brothers. This means all paints are FDA approved for use on skin. Glitters and jewels are cosmetic grade so as not to scratch. The paint will not dry and flake or feel “itchy.” In fact, most people forget they have it on! You won’t want to wash it off.

Medieval Memories-  Journey back in time and become part of the age of Kings and Queens, Knights and maidens, romance, merriment, and adventure. Your fantasies can come true through the magic of Green-Screen Photography. Dress in the costuming of your choice, then choose the far away land to which you long to be whisked away. We will capture the fantasy and send you home with Medieval Memories. We offer 5″x7″ photos within minutes; we can even post the image to social media. You can order prints of other sizes or even various photo gifts. Come capture your fantasies and your dreams with Medieval Memories.

Green River Woodcraft– If you’re looking for handmade wooden longbows or recurve bows, or wood turnings such as bowls and bracelets, then you stopping by Green River Woodcraft’s tent is a must. Come check out this artisan’s beautiful work and maybe even catch him making his bows right at the faire!


Funky Stuff the Collective– A unique shopping experience where you can buy offerings from a brilliant collection of hand crafted one-of-a-kind things (including hand-painted leather clothing and stained glass items) created by amazing artists!


Magpie Menagerie– Returning once again this year, an establishment of luxury and curiosity, Magpie Menagerie brings a fantastical array of costume accessories, larp props, ears, horns, tails, resin cast pieces, and more!

Trinity Healing Sanctuary– Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing will be offering free Mystical Energy healings all weekend beginning at 10am.  In addition, they will have holistic healing remedies that use therapeutic grade essential oils and are charged in the energy of the full moon.  They will be carrying an assortment of healing tools such as Wands, Sceptres and Staffs.

Moonglow Glass– Walk carefully around this tent where you’ll find beautiful stained glass mosaics and window charms! Mary’s work is incredible and you will want to see the wonders she can make with shining glass pieces.

Enchanted Glen- Enchanting is right! You’ll find handmade children’s costumes with various stuffed accessories along with ladies clothing including tunics, faerie dresses, and much more! Stop by the Glen and see what treasures are in store.

Blue Farm Linen- Step back to a simpler time with the beautiful dresses, tunics, shifts, and chemises made from real linen in this booth. These rustic items will have you yearning for the days of yore but with soft, comfortable, and beautiful linens.

Valhalla Horns– Looking for a horn, or maybe some new feast-ware? Do yourself a favor. Stop by Valhalla Horns and take a look.  Beyond normal blowing and drinking horns, we also offer many items such as  utensil, mugs & cups, and feast-kits for the whole family! Bring out your inner viking and stop by this booth


Blackthorn Prints– If you want to see some original artwork done on all sorts of different things including t-shirts, prints, and patches, you can stop looking once you get to this booth! You’ll find creative works of art that can be worn, hung, or sewn into your life!


Gray Raven Farm- “Nestled in the Berkshire Mountain town of North Adams, Massachusetts, Gray Raven Farm is a family owned and operated farm dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional goat milk lotion, soap, and honey. We raise healthy, beautiful dairy goats as well as happy honey bees to produce our outstanding lineup of goat’s milk soaps, goat’s milk lotions, and pure local honey.”


The Bonnie Weaver- Want to see how fabrics are made? Come watch the Bonnie Weaver weave the various sashes, scarves, and towels that she sells at her booth! You’ll be entranced by her methods and beautiful goods!

Charter Oak Leather– Come check out this diverse group that sells everything from drums and drum cases to corsets, bracelets, hats, collars, and much more! You won’t want to miss this vendor!

Imminent Banter Publishing– Specializing in Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi,  you can find IB Publishing selling their books, comics, and graphic novels alongside Carley Winn Design’s artwork and clothing at Periwinkle’s Tea Party.

Tessimal’s Celestial Fairy Houses and Fairies– Showcasing fairy houses, original artwork and many other unique items, this booth will be sure to spark your imagination and send you deeper into the realm of Faerie!

Bushor Photography– Bushor Photography excels in whisking you away to different times and worlds and revealing the magic that lives among us today. Bring those worlds into your home with beautiful prints and pictures of the fantastic and dramatic scenes that exist beyond the lens of this talented photographer.

Running Dog Pottery and Stone Sisters Jewelry- We’d like to welcome Running Dog Pottery to the Market! Come visit this tent to find handcrafted, historically-inspired Stoneware Pottery, and Artisan Made Sterling Jewelry! You can even watch live pottery demonstrations! You won’t want to miss this tent.

 Sherwood Exchange– Come visit this tent featuring local handcrafts, and upcycled, traded items for Shire living at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals. From Wings to drinking horns to all sorts of different things, you’ll be sure to find something unique and interesting here!

AdventurEscape Room– There are some places in the Fae Realm that are harder to escape than others… and this may be one of them! AdventurEscape is a live-action entertainment experience. Participants are tasked with finding clues, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges in order to complete an objective within the allotted time. Escape The Ordinary and Live Your Adventure today!

Tintagel’s Gate– Mystical vendors like this one can be found at our Market! You’ll find swords, daggers, axes, hand beaded jewelry, wands, tarot cards, crystal balls – and books about how to use all of it!! Stop in for a spell.