Martial Artisans

Martial Artisans

JULY 21st & 22nd ONLY- Leather and Metal Dragon Scale specialty pieces

Melding both the tradition of the found art object, as well as the attention to detail and refinement inherent in the practice of martial arts, Martial Artisans creatively reimagines unusual materials into high-end accessories and adornments. The pieces have both a ruggedness and delicacy that conveys an inherent strength and beauty in both material and form.

We at Martial Artisans reference a strong background in Chinese Martial Arts to inform design choices and create strong and beautiful pieces, certain to bolster the confidence of those who wear them. Using materials from various metals, pieces of re-purposed unloved jewelry, hand tatted lace, scrap leather, and discarded enamel paint, Martial Artisans creates a wealth of specialty pieces, excellent for costume, party, special occasion and every day wear.

Martial Artisans has sold at a number of New England craft fairs and has been featured in various photography, from local artists all the way to Australia!

Lindsay is a native New Englander, originally from Coastal Maine, and is currently living in the Boston area with her partner, and her dog.