Digital Hall of Fame 

Steampunk September Costume Contest Winners

Lady Caroline Chamomile

Bill Van Patten

All Fun and Games January

Costume Contest Winners

The Lord & Lady Campbell

Shawn Skulls and Son

Octobarrr Fest Costume Contest Winners

Tart Bakewell 

Commodore Crimson


The Crimson Tide Pirates & Privateers

Fantasy February Costume Contest Winners


Knightly November Costume Contest Winners

Sir Yvonne Walcher, Captain of the Kraken and Knight of the Realm

Sir Farquhar

Steampunk September Mystery Game Winners

Dawn & Hal

Steve Holt

I am Groot

Mad Madalyn

Page McClery


Knightly November Tournament Game Winners

Sir Fraden the Formidable of Edgebury

Lady Gwyn the Terrible of Magbury

Lady Angmar the Vigorous of Groveglen

Lady Caine The Formidable of Christianshire

Sir Morgan the Formidable of Ridshire

Sugar Plum Fairy December

Costume Contest Winners

Elle the Forest Fae

Dryden Domdaniel of the Green Moran Sidhe

Octobarr Fest Treasure Hunt Game Winners

Sue Bunting

Captain Jack

Captain Henry the Red

Jeffrey and Ally

The Party Crew


Finn and Jake

Festival Dates

August 5-6 and 12-13, 2023

Festival Times

August 5th and 6th:

10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

7pm- 10pm is our 18+ Market After Dark

August 12th and 13th:

10am-5pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun and the 13th is Pet Day!


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

Tolgy Wood

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