Knightly November

Bardy Party

November 7

Voted 2nd Place Favorite Small A Cappella Group 

~ 2020 Renaissance Festival Awards ~ You’re invited to the party…the Bardy Pardy!

Bardy Pardy brings together the musical styles of Hannah Ward, Stephanie M. Krause, and Chelsea Carlson.  Born on the streets of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, Bardy Pardy has quickly risen to popularity among fairegoers and fellow performers alike, and delighted audiences with their brand of lower-class shenanigans since 2017.

With a mixture of traditional folk music, comedy, and stories told through song – all wrapped up in beautiful three part harmony – Bardy Pardy is sure to bring a smile to your face and be a memorable part of your faire day!

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Circus Complex

November 27

Circus Complex is a 501c3 non-profit circus studio in Newton MA.  We teach everything from juggling to aerial arts, and have financial aid programs for families who can’t afford to experience the physical and mental benefits of practicing circus arts.   This 20 minute performance involving interactive magic tricks, aerial arts, and doggy tricks was created by their staff and students voluntarily!   

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 Goodly Woods

Featured Vendor

We specialize in hand-turned wooden drinking vessels. Each of our pieces is one-of-a-kind, crafted on a wood-turning lathe using exotic, tropical, and domestic hardwoods from all around the globe. 

There are no dyes or stains used in our vessel. All of the colors you see are the natural beauty of the wood. Our wooden mugs and goblets are fully sealed inside and out for use with ANYTHING you can drink… Hot or Cold. They require no care for upkeep but should be cleaned by hand with warm water and soap. Never put your vessel in a dishwasher or microwave.

We have been selling our wares at the Arizona, Colorado, and Maryland Renaissance Festivals for the past 25 years.


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Knights Fight Armor

The Knights of Lord Talbot

November 14

An education based reenactment group featuring unscripted armored combat demos and a historical encampment dating from the end of the Hundred Years War.

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Knightly Tournament

Fridays and Sundays

It has come to my attention that my Kingdom, in all of its vast glory, would do well with more good knights. Yestermorn, I gazed across my rectangular table, decidedly not round, and found it lacking in…well, style. There are plenty of knights, but none quite so dashing and dapper as to distract from the boring lectures Merlin insists on inflicting upon us. I am also looking for someone daring enough to slay a mythical beast of some sort, but only the kind that are up to no good. We do not want anyone attacking our Marf, he really is a friendly dragon.

So, I invite all of you to my Knightly Tournament, being held all month long for the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire’s Monthly theme, “Knightly November.” There will be contests held every Monday to make sure you are worthy enough to join the prestigious Knights of Camelot. Once you have finished the tournament, Merlin will have a form for you to fill out so your knightly names can be posted. Sounds dull, I know, but Merlin does love his paperwork.

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Better Than Nun

November 21

If you like your jokes groan worthy, your songs sacrilegious, and drinking at 10 am on a Sunday morning, then Better than Nun is the show for you! Sisters Temperance and Prudence hail from faires across the midwest delighting and horrifying all of God’s creations with original music and comedy tailored to all different age groups. They’ve made the clergy blush, children ask for their autographs, and fairies faint. While it’s true the things they do may scandalize and stun, a little bit of something is Better Than Nun!

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Tal Talks

Have you ever wanted to know more about the performers or vendors that travel the world to bring joy and excitement to the masses? Well, now is your chance to learn about what performers go through to entertain you or what kind of work vendors put into their crafts. I will be interviewing people from all over who have taken the most amazing journeys and boy do they have a story to tell.

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Lame Horse Creations

Featured Vendor

Shop description: LHC proudly hand crafts period inspired garb, pouches, and stuffed dragons. If you see something that we make but do not carry online, feel free to message us, asking about those products!


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Marla Lee

November 28

Marla Lee is an improv Oriental dancer who performs various styles while bringing her Israeli roots to life. From creating magic at the Walt Disney World Resort to mesmerizing audiences, each set is completely unique. Enchanting dances are never the same as each show is one-of-a-kind!

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Venmo: @marla_lee


Explore Castles


Have you gotten the chance to see amazing castles built for noble Lords and Ladies? Join us each week as we explore castles from all around the world. Seigneur and his Lady, Sir Richard de Rouclyf and his Lady Yvonne, of Pouancé castle, France bring us photos from their castle in France and others they have had the chance to visit.

A Star Danced

Featured Vendor

Eleven years ago I attended my first Renaissance festival…but researched before going which led to creating garb and the necessary hats, for one cannot attend faire without proper head coverings! I created my first hat for that very first festival and the need to create the best took fire. The fruits of my “fire” are still a passion, and always bring a thrill to my soul when someone finds that One Hat that gives them cheer.


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Festival Dates

August 5-6 and 12-13, 2023

Festival Times

August 5th and 6th:

10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

7pm- 10pm is our 18+ Market After Dark

August 12th and 13th:

10am-5pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun and the 13th is Pet Day!


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

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