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Queen Titania

Summer Court

As the Queen of the Summer Court, Titania runs the Market of the Moons Summer Festival along with her husband King Oberon. Titania loves to meet mortals and enchant them with her songs. Although Titania is cheerful and radiant during the daytime, there are rumors of a mysterious lunar fairy who resembles the Queen and appears at the market at night.

Likes: Song Birds, Flowers, King Oberon, Children’s Laughter, Handsome Mortals

Dislikes: Snow, Silence, Loss


Summer Court

Type of Faerie: Knocker

As the royal announcer of the Summer Court, Moth is well-versed in courtly etiquette and expects everyone to abide by the rules. But, dealing with Winter fairies is more than Moth had bargained for. As a young fairy (just a little over a century old), Moth rarely gets a chance to attend the Market of the Moons festival and knows very little about mortals. When you meet Moth, you will likely have to answer a variety of questions about mortal life that fairies don’t quite understand. 

Likes: Courtly Etiquette, Boisterous Shows of Affections, Games

Dislikes: Tricky Winter Fairies, Arguments, Displeasing the Monarchs


Winter Court

Type of Faerie: Snow Sprite

Wishing she were the advisor to Queen Mab of the Winter Court, Lumi constantly interrupts Aster and tries to tell stories better than him. Though her story-telling skills are not quite up to par, she is adept at dancing and has a great deal of knowledge about the fairy courts. Unfortunately, she can be a bit too eager to please, and often gets herself in trouble with the Queen.

Likes: Stories, Dancing on Crisp Winter Nights, Moonlight

Dislikes: Angering the Queen, Forgetting the End of Stories


Spring Court

Type of Faerie: Pooka

As a Pooka, Clover can shapeshift into a rabbit. Clover may have different aspects of a rabbit at different times such as a tail or ears depending on the mood. Clover loves playing games and will try to get involved in any that are going on in the vicinity. 

Likes: Running and Jumping, Playing Games and Pranks.

Dislikes: Having to Wait and Loud Noises.


Spring Court

Type of Faerie: Stray Sod

With a love of dancing and spreading flowers, it’s no wonder that Toadstool is excited to join the festival. The only problem is sometimes people don’t see her and she really hates being ignored. Hopefully people will dance and play with her, because her voice can become very shrill when she gets angry.

Likes: Dancing, Spreading Dandelion Seeds, and Singing.

Dislikes: Getting Left Out, Stepped On, or Ignored. Dropping her hat.

King Oberon

Summer Court

As the King of the Summer Court, Oberon runs the Market of the Moons Summer Festival along with his wife, Queen Titania. Though he often appears serious, Oberon is quick to take part in revelry- enjoying fine wine, dance, and everything the market has to offer. Oberon is an astute King who the other fairies can turn to for the wisdom to solve many problems.

Likes: Queen Titania, Mermaids, Poetry

Dislikes: Trolls, Insolent Mortals, Schemes


Summer Court

Type of Faerie: Pixie

Tiptoe, often called, “Tippy,” is a young, adventurous fairy in the Summer Court. Though Tippy is often exploring distant worlds or fighting pirates, sometimes she can be found at the Market of the Moons recruiting those with courageous hearts, ready to delve into distant lands to bring back baubles and stories for King Oberon and Queen Titania.

Likes: Adventure, New Experiences, Playing Games

Dislikes: Pirates, Fuddy-duddies, Naps

Jack Frost


Winter Court

Type of Faerie: Ice-Sprite

Jack Frost is mentioned in many songs and poems as a tricky fairy who chills mortals simply by touching them. Jack can create snow and ice on command. Jack loves to prank mortals and fairies alike, and may ask you to participate in tricking another fairy at the festival.

Likes: Snow, Penguin Sledding, Pranks

Dislikes: Hot Summer Days, Being Serious, Responsibility


Winter Court

Type of Faerie: Nisse

Felix is a Nisse of the Winter Court. Other faeries may not realize the unique understanding Felix has of situations, but he is always in good humor. He has made quick friends with Jack Frost and is hoping to find the perfect gift to present to Queen Mab. 

Likes: Giving Presents to Good People, Milk and Cookies, Cats, Horses

Dislikes: Naughty Children, Stolen Cookies


Spring Court

Type of Faerie: Randande

Willow is a tree-spirit faerie who spends most of her time in the woods playing games. Her favorite game is to hide behind a tree or stay very still and then pop out to say hello to people or animals. If they are not scared away by her antics, she may give them a faerie wishing stone or leaf.

Likes: Wind, Trees, Flowers, and Games.

Dislikes: Deforestation, Itchy bugs, Having to Talk too Much.


Summer Court

Type of Faerie: Clurichan

Mustardseed is a noble of the Summer Court. It may be hard to believe that she is the royal advisor to Queen Titania and King Oberon due to her propensity for wine, but she is the perfect fairy to answer questions about her court. Find her at the festival to learn about the Summer Court or if you want to share a good laugh. 

Likes: Faewine, Telling Stories, Warm Summer Evenings (with After Dark activities)

Dislikes: Winter, Being tricked by Puck, Queen Titania Crying

 Queen Mab

Winter Court

Queen Mab is the powerful, beautiful, and terrifying Queen of the Winter Court. She is the embodiment of all things winter and created her court to balance her warlike nature. Though she never flees from battle, Mab can be generous and kind to those who are loyal to her.

Likes: Battles, Ice Sculptures, Feasts, Tea Parties

Dislikes: Summer, Unseemingly Behavior of her Court, Being Disrespected, Song Birds


Arthurian Legend

Merlin is a wizard hailing from Camelot. Many believe his powers derived from the magic of fairies. He was once an advisor to King Uther Pendragon, but now he serves Queen Mab. Though his magical powers work in mysterious ways, he may be able to foresee the future. He is adept at brewing potions and telling fortunes.

Likes: Exploring and experimenting with magic, Owls, Potions, Solving Mysteries

Dislikes: Foolish rulers, Mad Madam Mim, Cruelty


Fall Court

Type of Faerie: Clurichaun

Grog has a love of drinking contests and getting others to join in the fun. He will never turn down a bet and has a love of all games, especially when a risk is involved. He is excited to join in on the songs at the Market of the Moons. 

Likes:Drinking, Betting, Over-indulging, Reverie, Songs, and Bar Brawls.

Dislikes: Empty Mugs, Being Bored, Silence


Spring Court

Type of Faerie: Guille Dhu

Although Thistle used to be a solitary faerie, he has now found many friends in the Spring Court. As a Guille Dhu, Thistle dresses himself in plants and helps strangers who enter the forest. The music and smell of delicious food of the Market of the Moons has pulled Thistle out of the forest.

Likes: Plants, Music, and Sweets.

Dislikes: Selfishness and Forgetfulness.


Summer Court

Type of Faerie: Meadow Sprite

As the royal handmaiden to Queen Titania, Peaceblossom knows just about all of the secrets of the Summer Court. Although she has a happy go lucky appearance, Peaseblossom can be fiercely protective of her Queen and the Summer Court in general. She is a talented seamstress who makes all of the beautiful gowns for her Queen. When you see her at the festival, feel free to ask her about how fairies make their clothing.

Likes: Queen Titania, Creating Gowns for Her Queen, Flowers

Dislikes: When Titania is Sad, Mean/Grumpy People


Winter Court

Type of Faerie: Hodekin

Aster is the royal advisor to Queen Mab of the Winter Court. Though he is quite knowledgeable in all aspects of fairy life, Aster lacks basic information about humans. If you come across him enlightening fairies erroneously about human interactions, feel free to correct him. But, please be polite, he only spends time with mortals once a year during the Market of the Moons

Likes: Crisp Winter Breezes, Books, Learning New Things, Lectures

Dislikes: Mab’s Ire, Not Knowing, Being Embarrassed by Scatterbrained Fairies of his Court

Morgan Le Fay

Arthurian Legend

Once a student of Merlin’s, Morgan Le Fay is a powerful sorceress with a great deal of magical knowledge. After a falling out with her old teacher, Morgan became an adversary to Merlin, vowing to put an end to his meddling with Kings and Queens. Though she is often portrayed as a villain, she tends to have a good reason for her actions against Merlin and the knights of the round table.

Likes: Magical Knowledge, Power, Lakes/Bodies of Water

Dislikes: Merlin, King Uther, Lies


Spring Court

Type of Faerie: Fairy Tree

Hawthorn used to be a faerie tree and now he’s a tree faerie, as confusing as that sounds. After hundreds of years of faerie gatherings around him, Hawthorn began to develop a consciousness of his own. But it was not until Willow, a faerie of the Spring Court, recognized Hawthorn’s strange whispers as words that he was able to awaken as the ambulatory, talking tree faerie he is today.

Likes: Slow Conversations, Walking Through Streams, Listening and Watching the Little Ones Flit About.

Dislikes: Fire, When Creatures are Scared of Him,  and Paper.

Festival Dates

August 5-6 and 12-13, 2023

Festival Times

August 5th and 6th:

10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

7pm- 10pm is our 18+ Market After Dark

August 12th and 13th:

10am-5pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun and the 13th is Pet Day!


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

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