The Quest


Dear Adventurer,

After a grievous insult, Queen Mab, the Queen of the Winter fairies, decided to enlist the assistance of King Uther Pendragon to incapacitate the King of Summer, Oberon. Of course, King Uther called upon the most powerful wizard in all of Camelot to come to his aid in this matter.

I am tasked with the difficult mission of trapping King Oberon to keep him from attending the Market of the Moons fairy festival this year, but I have no idea how to find him. Fairies do not simply sit still, waiting for people to stumble upon them. They flit about all over the place, and Oberon is no exception.

This is where you come in. Mab informed me that Oberon sets a puzzle for the fairies of his court to sort out in order to decipher his location. It seems to be a game the fairies like to play with each other. Can you follow the clues and report back the secret location of Oberon?

Please check your magical message box for further instructions.


Merlin, Royal Wizard of Camelot

P.S. Please use discretion, we wouldn’t want Oberon to discover our plot before we find him.

P.P.S. I’m sure if you complete this quest, Queen Mab would induct you into the Mystical Order of the Moon.

Festival Dates

August 5-6 and 12-13, 2023

Festival Times

August 5th and 6th:

10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

7pm- 10pm is our 18+ Market After Dark

August 12th and 13th:

10am-5pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun and the 13th is Pet Day!


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

Tolgy Wood

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