Tinkerbell’s Magical Pixie Dust Necklaces and Wands (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- $1-$3

Tinkerbell “misplaced” some of her magical pixie dust while fighting pirates. Admiral Bowman has acquired this pixie dust and wants to figure out what magical effect each color of sparkles contains. Come make a necklace to find out for yourself. 

Periwinkle has decided to join in the fun to show us how to make fairy wands too!

Music at Our Faire (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- FREE:

An introduction to the Faire’s music, talking about how back in the day, fairs were a crossroads where people heard a variety of new stuff. I’ll talk about each of the musical acts, the type of music they perform and give examples of each on my trusty boombox.

Woodburning (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- $5:

With guidance, design your own personal sigil. Then have the sigil burned into a wooden amulet with ritual blessings to seal your intentions. You can wear your amulet, hang it in your home, or make it a keychain.

Painting With an Elf (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- $12-$25:

Painting Class for Kids, Teens, Adults

Global Caravan Tribal Belly Dance for Beginners (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- FREE:

This will be a workshop to teach some of the basic Global Caravan moves. In the end, participants will dance to a few songs using the moves they learned.

Make Your Own Leather Wish Necklace (Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- $12:

Participants make their own pouch necklace and get a magic rock to put inside

Make Your Own Naughty Cat-O-Nine (Food Pavilion) 18+- $12:

Participants get to make their own cat-o-nine tails out of wood and rabbit fur

Design Your Own Kinky Collar (Food Pavilion) 18+- $15:

Participants make their own slave collar 

Learn the Art of Quilling (Workshop Barn) 5+yrs- FREE:

Learn how to turn paper strips into beautiful art/necklaces. 

Wild Edibles Walk-About (Meet in Workshop Barn) ALL AGES- FREE:

Have you been asking yourself, “What plants, that are nutritious and good tasting, can I eat, that are free and readily available on the ground and in the trees?” Have you ever gotten a boo-boo while out and about and wondered if there was something easy to grab in the field that could help heal the ouchie? I am here to help you answer these questions. Let’s take a little walk-about at the Ren Faire and I will help you identify the flora that you can eat and/or use medicinally.