What Dates is the Faire Running This Year?

We are running two weekends this year: July 21st & 22nd and July 28th & 29th!

What Hours Are You Open?

We are open from 10am-10pm on both Saturdays and 10am-5pm on both Sundays. Our Market After Dark starts at 7pm on Saturdays, so you might find that several Vendors have shut down at that point. Attendance may be 21+ after 7pm as well, though we may be allowing some childcare options this year.

Where is the Faire Being Held?

The Cummington Fairgrounds at 97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA 01026. Please see our Directions Page for further information.

How Much is Admission?

This Answer will be updated soon!

What is There To Do?

We are still populating our activities list for this year, but we expect to have some of the following, so check back often to see more:

Musical Acts


Fire Shows


Knight Fights

Petting Zoo

A mystical marketplace full of unique Vendors


…and much more!

What is the 'Market After Dark?' Are kids allowed after 7pm?

Currently, after 7pm, the faire is closed to anyone under the age of 18. Nighttime shows will not be suitable for children. We are looking into the possibility of providing childcare and kid-friendly entertainment in another area of the grounds, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Police and Security reserve the right to ask for valid photo IDs to verify age. For Adult Entertainment, we expect to have some of the following, so check back often to see more:

Bawdy sings

Adult Comedy

Sideshow Acts

Our Kilt and Cleavage Contest

Is Camping Available?

Public camping on site at Cummington Fairgrounds will not be allowed. However, we will offer camping for our patrons at Chesterfield Scout Reservations, only 7 miles away! Click here for more information about how to reserve a campsite for the weekend!

What Should I Bring?

– Cash (it makes things speedy and not all of our vendors can take credit)

-Comfortable Clothing/Walking Shoes


-Bug Spray

-Layers (in case it gets chilly)

-A hat or umbrella as some of our stages (and the jousting) are in direct sunlight

May I wear a Costume?

Yes! We would love it if you wore a costume! It doesn’t have to be from any particular period or genre, but the Faire itself is medieval fantasy-themed with a focus on the Realm of Faerie. This year we also have two themed weekends that could influence your costume decisions, if you wish: Our Pirate Weekend (July 21st and 22nd) and our Time-Travelers Weekend (July 28th and 29th)!

May I wear a weapon with my costume?

We do not encourage the wearing of weapons as part of your costume. However, if you do bring one, it must be sheathed and peace-tied (zip-tied into its sheath or to your belt to discourage an easy draw). If you are discovered to be wearing a non-peace-tied weapon, you will either be asked to peace-tie it or return the weapon to your vehicle. Further resistance will be cause for expulsion from the Faire.

Do I need to have a character in order to interact with the Fairies at the Market?

No, though you are welcomed to do so if you wish. The fairies and other creatures at the Faire are happy to interact with you matter who you are or claim to be!

May I bring my pet?

For most weekends, no. Pets are not allowed on site. ADA approved service animals are allowed. The ADA defines a service animal as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. However, we will be having a Pet Day on July 29th where patrons will be allowed to bring a well-behaved and leashed pet! Please see our Pet Policy to get the rules and download our waiver.

What kinds of food will be available?

We will have a Faire Snackbar open that will be offering basic meals and snack foods as well as Giant Roasted Turkey Legs, but we are also excited to have a variety of food vendors with a plethora of delicious things to eat at this year’s Faire! We will have a list of our food vendors as well as a snackbar menu up very soon!

There are also plenty of places to get free tap water to fill up water bottles and the like at the Fairgrounds.

Please note that neither outside food nor outside alcohol are allowed to be brought into the faire.

Will you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We will accept credit cards for admission and pixie points as well as at the merch booth and the snack bar.  There is a $10 minimum for credit card purchases at the gate, snack bar, or Faire merch booth. However, credit card transactions could end up taking a while, so cash is preferred at high-traffic areas such as the Entrance and the Snack Bar.

Additionally, while some of our merchants accept credit cards, plan on having cash ready for those who don’t, as well as for food and drink. We will have ATMs available as well.

Is Re-entry allowed?

Yes. Once our guests register and receive their admission bracelets (which will be a different color each day), they are able to leave the grounds at any point during that day and return to the Faire, provided they have the correctly colored bracelet.

Do you close if it rains?

No. The Massachusetts Renaissance Faire runs rain or shine! We do have multiple tents and lots of covered spaces, as well as “rain schedules” intended to shelter most of our shows in the event of rainy weather, but feel free to bring your umbrellas and ponchos as well.

Is the Mass Ren Faire affiliated with any other Faire?

Nope! Like David S. Pumpkins, the Mass Ren Faire is it’s own thing (and the Fairies are Part Of It!). We are in no way affiliated with any other Renaissance Faire except the Market of the Moons.

Will the Mass Ren Faire be running any other Festivals?

We are looking forward to running events and festivals on multiple weekends with all sorts of various themes! Keep your eyes open and subscribe to our newsletter to hear about our latest adventures!

Feel free to send us an email!