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Are you an experienced entertainer who loves the renaissance faire? You’re in luck! The Massachusetts Renaissance Faire is looking for actors to fill out their cast for this summer’s Market of the Moons held at the Cummington Fairgrounds on July 25-26 and August 1-2.

We need energetic, enthusiastic actors who love to dress up and make magic happen.

2020 Audtions

When: February 29, 2020
12 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: Bak Study Room
Forbes Library


Faeries of the Winter Court:
IVY– (female- 18+) handmaiden to QUEEN MAB, idolizes MAB, gets distracted easily.

Faeries of the Summer Court:
PUCK/ROBIN GOODFELLOW– ( male/female-18+) impish, satyr, devious, loves to trick people and play pranks.

Spring Court:
KITASHI-(male- 18+) Oni, large, horned-creature, fiercely loyal to KING ALBERICH. Non-speaking role. Physical comedy.

MORGAN Le FAY-( female- 18+) sorceress, powerful, intelligent. Hates MERLIN.

These are paid positions, so we are looking for actors who are punctual to rehearsals, dedicated, and able to entertain patrons for an entire festival day.

*We are also on the lookout for unpaid, depth and color positions. These are characters who will interact with patrons but will not have specific lines to recite. These positions come with various perks at the festival.*

Festival Dates

We are going virtual this year! Join us streaming on Facebook and YouTube on July 25 and Aug. 1 

Festival Times

July 25th:

   10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

   7pm- 12am is our 18+ Market After Dark

August 1st:

  10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun! 


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

Tolgy Wood

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