Massachusetts Renaissance Faire


August 7 & 8

Step from the Midsummer Berkshires into a Magical Realm of the Past at Cummington Fairgrounds!








Enter the realm between worlds

Lords, Ladies, Fae of all Houses, and Citizens of the Realm! Welcome to the 2019 Massachusetts Renaissance Faire at the Cummington Fairgrounds at 96 Fairgrounds Road in Cummington, Massachusetts

Choose your adventure.

Create Memories

See the wonder in your child’s eye as they test their strength against a real knight, laugh with a vegetarian zombie, or dance under a May Pole. These are the moments they will always remember.

Become someone else

Whether ye be a fiersome knight, a flighty fairy or a scurvy pirate, we welcome all. Show off your best costume, or buy new pieces from our many talented vendors.

Immerse yourself in history

Visit an encampment from the end of the Hundred Years War. Watch a blacksmith turn iron into nails. Cheer for armored knights as they wail on each other with swords.


Cheer for your favorite knight, gasp as ladies dance with fire, laugh with our quirky characters, be amazed by magic. It’s all here, for two weeks in the Berkshires.

The Market of the Moons

Once a year, when the moonlight shines in just such a way, the veil between worlds is lifted and fairy merchants bargain with mortals.

Shop mystical vendors, discover handmade goods, and meet local artisans.


Activities & Games

We have fun games for the whole family! Try your hand shooting an ancient missile weapon with sponge ammo, practicing your fencing skills with foam swords, or watch a real blacksmith bend metal into useful objects.

Featured Performers

When it comes to entertainment, we have something for everybody. Whether you love watching knights clash in a grand joust, seeing fire breathers dance with flames or listen to the sweet melodies of Renaissance music, you can find it all here!

Aug. 7 & 8

Opal Raven

Welcome to the circus! Opal Raven will wow and amaze you with her unique one woman variety show, showcasing daring swordwork, fascinating snakes, and a few surprises for good measure. After dark, audiences will have the chance to see her put a fiery twist on her show and light up the night, literally! Don’t blink, you won’t want to miss this!

 Aug. 7 & 8

Shelli Buttons

Prepare to be amazed by Shelli Buttons as she performs aerial silk, acrobatics, machete juggling, and her unique bottle walking act. Watch her perform captivating feats of skill and balance with a whimsical flair that is cute as a button.

Aug. 7 & 8

Stormy Knights

Stormy Knights are comprised of men and women, performers, Jousters, stage combatants and full contact fighters with a sense of adventure. Incorporating Knights from all over the country, they travel to wherever they are needed. Based in South Florida, they will be bringing the Knightly Arts to life in the Berkshires.

Tis’ a fine, fine day….for a Stormy Knight!

Tickets &  Registration

Skip the lines at the gate and save money by purchasing your tickets in advance!

This year we recommend printing out your tickets to avoid cell reception-related problems at the gate. 

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Festival Dates

August 3rd & 4th, 2024

Festival Times

Saturday :

10am-7pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun!

7pm- 10pm is our 18+ Market After Dark

Sunday :

10am-5pm is Family Friendly Faire Fun and Pet Day!


97 Fairgrounds Road, Cummington, MA

Tolgy Wood: Chesterfield Camp

Cummington Fairgrounds

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